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post forty-nine // and, to all a good... morning!

I will look like this in just a few moments! Mmmmm, doesn't that look nice?!

I have to get up in four hours. I plan on getting dressed quickly, running to the hospital to see my mom, and then I have to work; 2pm-10:30pm! Isn't that wonderful? Luckily, tonight I'll have a good crew. And, it's Sunday, I'm hoping with all that I've got that it's dead. Maybe if it is, I'll sneak out early.

Again, thank you to all my sponsors and supporters! How amazing are all of you?! How amazing is Jean and the crew over at Ferrets Unlimited?

And, how amazing is that little fuzzy who got me to stay awake for twenty-four hours? The most amazing, to be exact!

The final pledge amount?

Thank you all!

All of you sponsors should receive an e-mail from the Blog-A-Thon staff sometime over the next week letting you know how to donate. The e-mail will contain a link to pay your pledge with your credit card online directly to Ferrets Unlimited! If for some reason you can't pay by credit, and are more comfortable sending cash; we can work it out so you can send it to me, and I'll pay them through credit!

My final thoughts?
Happy Blog-A-Thon, all! And, to all, a good night morning!
(Hey, I mentioned that I was already excited about Christmas, didn't I?)
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post forty-eight // a poem for star

I didn't write this poem, but I found that it fit perfectly. It talks about the love and friendship I gave Star, and vice versa; as well as the moments I looked forward to most, making her feel safe and comfortable.

I brought you home, so sweet and small,
and gave you the greatest gift of all
The Gift of Love I gave to you.

Lots of food, and yummy treats too,
a bed and plenty of blankets for you
The Gift of Security I gave to you.

We danced, we dooked, we played a ton,
together we had so much fun
The Gift of Friendship I gave to you.

Years went by, they go so fast,
you were afraid my interest wouldn't last
The Gift of Time I gave to you.

We had some troubles over the years,
we went to vets and sent up prayers
The Gift of Health I gave to you.

Tougher battles we had to fight,
I picked you up and held you tight
The Gift of Comfort I gave to you.

In your eyes I see the hurt,
your little body so inert
The final gift so hard to give.

But because I love you so,
I have this final gift to bestow
My precious gift I'll let you go.

She was an amazing ferret. I've said that about thirty times in the past twenty-four hours, but she was. I recommend a ferret as a pet, for just about anyone. Of course, you always need to do your research on ferret care before adopting one! But, when the time comes, and you're ready to adopt, take a look at the photo below.

These are a handful of the at times close to a hundred ferrets that are loved and cared for at Ferrets Unlimited. The only thing wrong with these fuzzies is they're lacking their forever home; and this is where you come in. When you're ready, and as long as you have done you're research have decided that a ferret is the right pet for you:

And, bring home your new best friend (or two!) from Ferrets Unlimited!
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post forty-seven // thank you!

Brad is now awake and getting ready for work! I’m sure he’ll be gone by my next post, so everyone; say ”hi” and ”bye” to Brad!

I wanna take this post to thank all those I need to thank.

Thank you to Mountain Dew, for making not only soda, but an energy drink too. Starbucks for selling your coffee in a glass bottle in grocery stores. Thank you to Hostess for making little 100 calorie cupcakes. Thank you, umm, Mother Nature, for making apples, oranges and bananas. Thank you Pizza Hut, for stuffed crust pizza. Thank you all!

Thank you to Brad, for putting up with me for the past twenty-four hours, and thank you to Chloe for keeping mommy awake, and playing; although, I know you’d love to do this all the time. Thank you to Lindsay for blogging along with me, and keeping me going!

Thank you to all my supporters who took a moment to catch up on posts and commented or IMed. And, thank you to my twenty-five sponsors! Without you, I wouldn’t have raised $306.92 for Ferrets Unlimited!

Thank you to Jean and the others over at Ferrets Unlimited for having the hearts to care for for these beautiful creatures.

And, last but not least, thank you to Star. For validating my theory on the human/animal connection. I wouldn’t have made it this long if it wasn’t for you.
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post forty-six // adrenal disease

Star loved playing in packing peanuts. I had a box (the box above) that I kept full of them, just for playtime. This is the last photo I have of her playing and healthy. This is before the ferrets adrenal disease.

Adrenal gland tumors are a common problem for ferrets over three years of age, though this condition can occur at almost any age. Though rare, it has been reported that ferrets as young as one year of age have developed adrenal disease.

For vets experienced in the medical problems of ferrets, adrenal disease is usually diagnosed by clinical signs. There are no tests that can be run by your vet in-house that will reveal adrenal disease. Standard blood work will be normal assuming the ferret is healthy in every respect except for the adrenal problem.

What are the clinical signs of this disease in ferrets? Hair loss, thinning of the body, loss of muscle mass, skin appears ‘thin’ or translucent, itchness and/or red sores, excessive water consumption, aggressive behavior, enlarged vulva (females), urination difficulties (males).

Surgery is the most effective treatment for adrenal disease, and involves the removal of the affected gland. In the past, it was commonly reported that the left adrenal gland was most often involved. In recent years, with more vets becoming experienced with adrenal surgery in ferrets, it has become obvious that the right adrenal gland can be affected just as frequently as the left. The right gland is often attached to the vena cava, the largest vein in the ferret's body, and removal can be difficult and dangerous.

Medical treatment of adrenal disease is usually reserved for ferrets that are poor surgical candidates. They may be older ferrets, or ferrets with other medical problems that would make surgery high risk. Some people will opt for medical treatment because of the cost of surgery. Keep in mind that drug treatment must be continued for the rest of the ferret's life and in the long run can cost more than surgery.
The two drugs used most frequently and successfully for the treatment of adrenal disease are Lupron and Melatonin. Neither will cure the disease, but may provide a relief of the symptoms.

Star was one of those cases where her right gland was the problem gland, and I decided not to put her through the surgery due to the risk or hitting her vena cava. Star took medication, but only spent a few extra months with me before she passed.

(Thank you to The Miami Ferret Org. for the information posted above on ferret adrenal disease).
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post forty-five // hi, i'm laura, and this is what i look like right now.

So, this is what I look like when I’m lacking twenty-two hours of sleep. This is also what I look like with no make-up. Scary, huh?! No, but really. I don’t leave me house without make up, I don’t let anyone see me like this, so you’re the lucky ones. Or, maybe the not-so-lucky ones.

I’m surprised by how awake I am. If Ken was still awake, he’d be asking me, ”on a scale of 1-10, ten being most tired, how tired are you?”. Haha, right now, I’d say seven. Can I function right now? Yes. Am I counting down the seconds until I can finally curl up in bed? No. But, would I consider putting myself behind the wheel of a car right now? Absolutely not.

It just hit me that it’s 7am. On a normal week day, I’d be walking starting work right now. But, on a Sunday (a non- blog-a-thon Sunday, anyway), I would have already been at work for an hour.

Maybe I should start getting up this early on my days off. The birds are out chirping and playing, and Chloes hasn’t taken her eyes off them since they woke up, too. It’s refreshing, really.

So, who is crazy enough to be awake with me right now? I’m curious, anyone still reading?
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post forty-four // saying goodbye.

That is the last picture I have of Star. I look worse there than I probably do now; but I had to post the photo anyway.

When I took that photo, I knew it would be the last. Shortly after, I kissed her for the last time, told her I loved her, and left for work. I called home three times that evening to check on her. The first time I called, I was told she was still awake, but breathing shallow. The second time, she was asleep and breathing shallow. The third, the one I wont forget, ”I’m pretty sure she’s passed”.

When I came home, I sat by her cage for a good five minutes or so, before
I thought about taking her out. She had passed away in her hammock, her most favorite spot; her oldest “toy”. I decided to leave her in it when I took her out of the cage. I placed her, still inside of the hammock between her two blankets that were always on the bottom of her cage. She was then buried in the spot I posted about earlier, under a beautiful bush only a few feet from where I spend most of my time.

I miss her, a lot. I’d bring her back in a heartbeat if I could.

There are people who said that I was nuts for staying awake for twenty-four hours and ”wasting my time” blogging for ferrets. But, I can guarantee a few things: One, these people have never had a connection with any animals, whatsoever. Two, their hearts just may be two-sizes too small. (Shut up, maybe I’m excited about Christmas already!). And, three, not one of them has been lucky enough to love and be loved by a ferret.
ferrets sleeping in heart

post forty-three // and the winner is...

The last prize, and grand prize was the donated $50 gift card from my mom.

The irony of it all, I drew my moms name as the winner. I considered re-drawing, since it could be some time before she can use a gift card. But, instead; I’ve decided to keep the gift as hers.

So, Congrats My Mom!

Since she can’t use the $50 card, I am going to spend the $50 making her hospital room a bit more like home. I’ll buy a plant or two; ideally a spider plant, because those things last forever. I also want to get her a giant corkboard, because the small one provided in her room is already full of Get Well Soon cards, and notes from random visitors. Those of you who knew me before today know all about my mom’s kitty, a stuffed Ty beanie I bought her the day after her stroke. I think it’s about time kitty had a friend, too.


I want to personally thank each and every one of my livejournal sponsors and supporters! Here’s my last surprise! In a few days or so, I will list all of my sponsors from livejournal, as well as my supporters (those of you who couldn’t pledge money, but have helped me out in some way, shape or form)! In the post I will ask each of you to post two pictures; and just like that, as soon as I can get them all made, you’ll have yourself two new icons! Exciting, I know! But, it’s a little thank you for being such an amazing group of friends. Livejournal newcomers, you’re included, too! Make sure you add my regular livejournal, notapromqueen as a friend (and comment, so I know you did so!)

Those of you who sponsored and supported that aren’t livejournal users, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll make a promise to each and every one of you; that if you decided to participate in the blog-a-thon again next year, I’ll sponsor each of you! (Make sure you don’t lose touch! If you ever do, you can always find me on livejournal at my regular journal, notapromqueen.

Thank you all, again. This really does mean a lot to me.
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post forty-two // my honey bunches of oats

Oh, don’t act all surprised, you guys knew this one was coming! Meet Brad, the love of my life, my future husband, the current father of my furr-children; the future father of my, umm, human children, and the only man I know who goes through more clothing in a day than I do.

I already told you how Brad and I met, the rest after that is pretty much history. I mean, here we are, over four years later.

It hasn’t been cake, that’s for sure. Relationships take a lot of work; especially when you’ve got two really stubborn people. There have been times when I’ve wondered if I’d make it another day without ringing his neck; but I have. I often wonder if he’s wanted to strangle me a time or two (I’m sure he has).

But, how do I know he’s the one?

For starters, it’s the way he treats my family; especially my mom. He cares so much about my mom, that over the past three weeks, he’s taken numerous solo trips to the hospital to check on her, and let her know that he cares. He loves my grandparents, and I’m quite sure they love him as if he were one of their grandchildren.

It’s his drive to succeed, which in return makes my life a hell of a lot easier. He’s always working. Working to pay off college loans, working to pay bills, working to support himself and his mother. I know he’ll be such an amazing husband and father someday!

And, father, that brings me to the last (but definitely not least) reason why I know he’s it. He’ll swear up and down he doesn’t like kids. But, he lights up when he’s around my niece, Matisyn. Absolutely lights up, even though he’ll deny it. He’ll be an amazing father, I just know it. He’s got the drive behind him to prove to the world that he’ll be a good father; unlike his own.

He’s such an amazing man, he really is. I know I whine when he’s gone, and complain when he’s being a pain. But, he’s my entire world, and I never, ever want to live a day of my life without him. Because I can truly say if there ever comes a day when I have to live without him; I’ll be half of what I am now.
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post forty-one // congrats lily!

Congrats to Lily!
You’re now the owner of either Ferrets For Dummies, OR a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card!

Here I go with the surprises again! Remember way back this morning when I said something like I wouldn’t disappoint you? I’m well aware that not everyone is a ferret owner, or a ferret lover (although, I think you should be!). Therefore, I am leaving the option open for Lily to choose whether she’d like a copy of Ferrets For Dummies, or a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card to choose any book(s) she’d like! Lily, you choose, and let me know!

Thank you again, Lily for supporting me and helping the ferrets at Ferrets Unlimited!
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post forty // less than ten posts to go!

So, as we speak I am losing my Edward Scissorhands virginity. So far, so good! I love the Avon lady, she reminds me of my mom when she tried selling Avon. Johnny Depp, he’s wonderful.

Before I started the movie, I grabbed my Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. Mmmm, coffee. We've reached post number forty, and that can only mean one thing: less than ten posts to go!

So, I have my last posts all planned out. Unfortunately, I wont have time to answer all of the livejournal questions I was given. To those users, if you’d really like your question answered, and I missed it; just let me know, I’ll answer it for you in a regular livejournal post in the near future!

I can’t wait for the sun to come up, I hate sitting in here alone with all these windows! I’ve always hated it, but my mom loved keeping windows opened; maybe because she wasn’t able to physically go outside without help anymore.

Chloe is sleeping on the floor right below me, while Brad is sleeping in our bedroom a few feet away. Way to be supportive, Guys! No, I’m kidding. They’re both incredible; but I’m expecting a lot of cuddling tomorrow night to make up for what I’ve missed tonight.